Friday, September 24, 2010

Movie Title : Wolf Creek ( 2005 )

Movie Summery 
Original Title: Wolf Creek

Directed By: Greg Mclean

Release Date: 25/12/2005 (USA)
John Jarratt , Cassandra Magrath , Andy McPhee , Keste Morassi , Guy Petersen , Nathan Phillips , Gordon Poole .
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Advernture

Plot: Two British teens Liz and Kristy they travel on the west coast of Australia, for a long and adventurous journey by car to explore the Australian outback. With their Australian friend Ben who soon will begin a romance with Liz ... The trip turns for the worse when, returning to their car after a hike in Wolf Creek National Park, the three guys discover that the car engine, old and second-hand, will not turn on.
Nations: Australia
Runtime: 99 min. (Color)
Rated: R for strong gruesome violence, and for language.

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