Friday, September 24, 2010

Documentary : Witchcraft '70 (1970)

Movie Summery
Original Title: Angeli bianchi... angeli neri
Director: Luigi Scattini

Release Date: 7/2/1970 (Japan)
Production Co: Caravel, P.A.C.
Country: Italy 
Also Known As: The Occult Experience
Genres: Documentary
Taglines: The Shocking Truth About WITCHCRAFT as it Exists Today in Our Cities and Suburbs! 
Story : A mondo style report of satanic rites from around the world. Includes devil worshipping, voodoo cults, church of satan, black magic, naked exorcism and pagan rituals. 

Witchcraft'70 Trailer 

Direct Downloading: Witchcraft '70 (1970)

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