Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Movie Title: The Scar Crow ( 2009 )

About This Movie:
Original Title: The Scar Crow
Release Date: 26.11.2010  (UK)
Genres: Drama, Horror
Director: Pete Benson
Kevyn Connett, Tim Major, Michael Walker, Darren McIlroy, Anna Tolputt, Marysia Kay, Gabrielle Douglas, Andrew Bolton, Anya Lahiri, Iain Rogerson.
From the fifteenth to the eighteenth century, Europe lives with the fear of witches. Torture and executions are the norm, especially against women: three sisters living in fear after their mother was hanged for witchcraft. The father also abused them, causing a curse on the family.

IMDB ratings: 5.8/10
Durations: 85min. (Color)
Nations: Great Britain

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