Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Movie Title: The Big Bang (2011)

Movie Summery
Original title: The Big Bang
Year: 2011
Release Year: 3 February 2011 (Bahrain)
Genres: Action, Thriller, Mystery Genre: Action, Thriller, Mystery
Director: Tony Krantz
Sienna Guillory, Autumn Reeser, Antonio Banderas, Sam Elliott, William Fichtner,  James Van Der Beek, Thomas Kretschmann, Rebecca Meder, Jimmy Simpson, Snoop Dogg.
A private investigator from Los Angeles is committed to finding a stripper disappeared into thin air. The investigations lead him in the desert of New Mexico where the detective found a van full of corpses, and is forced to clash with a Russian boxer, three police officers and an elderly billionaire who try to play with a nuclear explosion a new Big Bang.

Taglines: Their search for the ultimate missing person.

Country: USA
Duration: 01:36:58
Budget: $17,000,000 (estimated)

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