Friday, November 19, 2010

Movie Title : Guardian of the Realm (2004)

Movie Summery
Original title: Guardian of the Realm
Released: 2004
Genres: Horror, fantasy, thriller
Director: Ted Smith
Glen Levy, Tanya Dempsey, Lana Piryan, Tom Seymour, Chris Sheets, Tracy Erickson, Ronald Quigley, Stephanie Kane, Natalie Khoury

About movie:
Monitoring Team, which deals with maintenance of balance between good and evil in the world, discovers that several demons infiltrated into our world, stole antiquities dealer ancient rarities, possessing magical powers ... In the process of tracing monitors come across a group known as the Brotherhood, which incidentally, during the ritual, the world produces a very powerful dark force ...

User Rating IMDB : 4.2/10 (157 votes)

Issued: USA, Pirate Pictures
Duration: 01:50:04 min. (Color)
Guardian of the Realm Trailer:

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