Sunday, October 17, 2010

Movie : Turok: Son of Stone

Information about the filmTitle: Turok vs. dinosaur
Original title: Turok Son Of Stone
Released: 2008
Genre: Sci-Fi, Cartoon
Director: Curt Geda, Dan Riba, Frank Skvilleys
Cast: Adam Beach, Irene Bedard, Adam G., Mia Crowe, Graham Greene, Robert Knepper, Peter Macon, etc.

About movie:
This is a story about the adventures of two South American Indians Turks and Andara, who are fighting in the jungle with extant carnivorous dinosaurs.
Production Co: Classic Media, Film Roman Productions, Starz Media
7.1/10 (100 votes)

Issued: U.S., Classic Media
Length: 1:13:20

Turok: Son of Stone - Movie Trailer

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