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Movie Title: Dracula s Dog (1978)

Movie Details
Title: Dracula s Dog
Production Year: 1978

Director:Albert Band
Produced by: Philip Collins, Albert Band, Frank Ray Perilli (II)
Starring: Michael Pataki, Libbie Chase, John Levin, Reggie Nalder, Jose Ferrer
Release Date: 11 March 1981 (France) See more »
Tagline:Man's best friend is now man's worst fiend...
When a Russian road crew opens an underground crypt by mistake, one of their guards opens a coffin and finds the body of a dog, impaled by a stake. The man removes the stake, bringing back to life Dracula's vampire dog, Zoltan. The revived Zoltan opens the coffin of an innkeeper named Nalder and removes his stake. 200 years before, Zoltan belonged to Nalder, and saved a woman from being bitten by a bat. The bat was Dracula in disguise, and he retaliated against the dog by biting him and turning him into one of the undead. Dracula's only living descendant, Michael Drake is now on vacation with his family, traveling to the national forest in a Winnebago. Zoltan and Nalder meet the family in the forest and soon all of the family dogs on vacation are being turned into vampire hounds.
Running Time: 1 hr. 28 min.
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