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Movie Title : The Town (2010)

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Original Movie Title:  The Town
Directed By: Ben Affleck
Release Date: 09/17/2010 (USA)
Ben Affleck , Blake Lively , Jeremy Renner , Jon Hamm , Pete Postlethwaite , Rebecca Hall , Chris Cooper , Slaine , Brian Scannell , Ed O'Keefe .
Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller 
Tagline:Welcome to the bank robbery capital of America.
Boston. Doug lives in the neighborhood of Charlestown MacCray, a thief unlike any other, which has had an opportunity to avoid following the path of his criminal father, but ended up becoming the leader of a ruthless gang of robbers, who pride themselves to take what they want and get out clean. They are his only family and Jem, despite the tough and capable, is for him like a brother. But things take an ugly turn when, during the ' last robbery, Jem took a hostage for a short time, the bank manager Claire Keesey. After discovering that she lives in Charlestown Jem fact is nervous and wants to let everyone know what the costs may have seen or understood. Knowing the ways of dangerous and hazardous Jem, Doug decides to personally take care of the girl and you know it. The relationship with Claire is soon turned into a tender love story to the point of deciding to leave that to Doug's life and the city, but with the federal agent-driven Frawley on his trail and Jem that casts doubt on its loyalty, he realizes that will not be easy. He has only one choice before him: to betray friends or lose the woman he loves.
Length: 122min. (Color)
Country: USA
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