Thursday, September 9, 2010

Movie Title: Zombie Honeymoon (2005)

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Movie Title:  Zombie Honeymoon
Directed by:  Dave Gebroe
Produced by: Larry Fessenden, Steven C. Beer, Sam Downey
Starring: Tracy Coogan (II), Graham Sibley, Tonya Cornelisse, Jesse Nash, Maria Landonisi
Genres: Comedy, Horror,Romance
Tagline: In sickness and in health.

A newlywed couple, Denise and Danny, turns into star-crossed lovers when a beachfront encounter with a zombie leaves them on opposite sides of the grave. Immediately after their wedding, Denise and Danny head out to a borrowed beachfront house, romping around with the ease and familiarity of a well-established twosome. They lie down on the sand, soaking up rays, when a half-decomposed body lurches out of the sea and spews black bile into Danny's mouth, choking him to death. The hospital is unable to revive him, but in the midst of Denise's inconsolable mourning he suddenly sits up. Afterwards, Denise desperately attempts to adapt to her husband's seriously anti-social and bizarre behavior.

Run time: 1 hr. 23 min. (Color)
Country: USA
Awards: 1 win
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